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The begining... - 90%

Nosferatu, July 1st, 2004

I know that my rating is a bit high for a demo that only has guitars and drums, but this recording is something really special that caught my attention from the first time. The quality you can imagine is not the best you can find. But in those days you did not have a lot of money to pay for studio time. Grishnack recorded this in (what it seems to be, I don't really know) some rehearsal place with a regular radio-cassette system so I've heard. Since Grishnack only could have handled one instrument I've wondered who the drummer is. Could he be Olivier Lancelot (Ulver, among others) who is sometimes credited as beeing a part of Burzum? Nevertheless I've just thought of that just for the sake of it.

Lost Wisdom - One of the best Burzum tracks, re-recorded later for the "Det Som Engang Var" album shows what Burzum is really about. Minimalistic composition, but still energic in mid-tempo. The drums are also primitive and not that extranvagant as some people demand nowadays.

Spell of Destruction - A track that stinks of intelligence. I haven'r really said this about any track before, but this composition is really one of the smartest and intelligent ones. Grishnack used as with the previous track minor scales. The drums are more energic on this track than the previous, hiting the tomes also, not just the hi-hat, bas, snare and crash as the previous one. The rythm shifts between slow and fast on different parts of the song.

Channeling... - Performed on keyboards and I think guitar or bass (or both). The keyboard pretty much plays everything over and over again, a melody that is filled with melancholy and loneliness. The guitar or a distorted bass is filling in with great tunes that concorde excellent with the keyboard. No drums on this track, which is fine, since drums would have been a terrible misstake on this song.

Outro - The ending of the demo, this outro is unlisted. Keyboards and what seems a guitar are performing something indistinguishable. The quality is too poor to make a proper description of this. But the track however made me fantasize about exploring a dark cave with only a torch in my hands.

In the end I would like to say that it doesn't really matter how bad the quality is of a recording if it has feeling and that is exactly what Burzum's first demo has. This is one classic recording that will never die.