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Raw and pure genius in other words, Varg Vikernes - 100%

LordWladimir, December 19th, 2008

Burzum Demo I. is the most raw release of Burzum ever. The rythm is slower than on later tracks and sometimes the parts are strangley mixed, but its still Varg and this is still Burzum - and that makes it great. Vikernes put soul and heart in it and rawness makes it just better.

"Lost Wisdom" - The guitars do get kinda annoying sometimes on this track, because of bad mixing, but its raw and thrashy - just as it should be. Vikernes is a great composer and drums mix with the melody perfectly.

The fact that this album was produced so poorly, makes it really just better. The drums on "Spell of Destruction" are 1000 times better than on later productions. They sometimes sound like smashing some wood with drum sticks, and its extremly fantastic.

"Channeling The Power Of Souls Into a New God" - Wow, amazing, reminds me of old Mortiis' stuff, its pure ambient and beautiful. Varg is a genius composer, as I said before, and that fused with his feelings, creates togethere great ambient music and thats why Burzum didn't stop losing fans even after he switched to ambient.

I give 50 % for great composition and the other 50 % for extreme production, which I love so much. Hails!