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The Birth of Burzum - 79%

Loloj, September 22nd, 2011

The start of Burzum. The infamous Burzum, arguably one of the most influential and infamous black metal bands...and what a way to start.

This demo is breathtaking. The absolutely horrible sound quality of early 90's Norwegian black metal demos is present and it adds so much to this demo it is unbelievable. At least half of the atmosphere is created by the sound quality because it just feels so dark and destructive and hopeless. I don't understand why people complain about how bad black metal demos' sound quality is because it adds so much to the music.

Now to the music itself. It's pure genius. Varg is a mastermind at creating this type of ambient black metal. His use of minor scales and tempo changes are insane, especially if you take into account how young he was when he released this. Love him or hate him, you cannot help but respect his musical capabilities. The riffs are executed at a very slow pace and somewhat melodically, although they do suffer a bit from buzzing. The drums are also played slowly. There isn't anything special going on in the drums or the bass as well, but that's fine by me because they would ruin the atmosphere of dread that this demo has. Okay, maybe a little bit more bass would have helped, but still. Every track is unique and has breathtaking riffs. This demo is instrumental as you probably already knew, which adds even more to the overall affect.

This demo creates a great atmosphere and has some ingenious work, however it is far from perfect. The bass and drums are lacking, and even though each song is unique, they do stay at around the same tempo. This demo is still well worthy of the name Burzum. If you see this on Ebay or something, I would definitely get it. It's a piece of black metal history and is awesome music as well.