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Let's Forget This Ever Happened, Shall We? - 10%

Perplexed_Sjel, November 4th, 2007

Resources were obviously low for Varg when he created this full-length in prison, but still, it's not very good. The vast majority of this album contains very flat 'melodies' which are continuously repeated time and time again. This very fact is enough to put anyone off and probably rightly so. You can't fault Varg for attempting to create music. It's his profession and what he does best. However, 'Daudi Baldrs' is a poor excuse for an ambient album.

After the last full-length, there was so much promise. Varg had just written two of his best works and one of those contained a far amount of ambience. This is nothing like that. 'Daudi Baldrs' is a subpar form of repetitive ambience. It lacks in atmosphere throughout. There are times when an atmospheric nature begins to shown it's head, but it quickly disappears again behind the monotonous repetition that is 'Daudi Baldrs'. It's lost in simplicity, to put it marginally. The full-length reeks of simplicity. Although that's an aspect Varg has worked with before and used to the best of his abilities, his limited resources are painfully obvious. There are a few nice touches on the keyboards. A mostly classical feel is washed over the music, so forget about purchasing this if you're after a black metal album. It does, at times, contain the sadness a black metal album would be proud to have covering it, but it's average nature is far too obvious to be looked passed.

Moti Ragnarqkum, the very last track, is actually quite a pleasure to listen to. It's sadness and grief are portrayed rather well given the fact that Varg had very little to work with, but on the whole, you simply have to admit to the fact that this particular Burzum full-length is lacking in substance. There's no doubting the passion behind it all, but to have that and no substance, well, it's damn near impossible to come out without criticism. The truth is ugly, but it's unmistakable. This full-length simply has no legs to stand on when it comes to competing against the very best that classical has to offer. If that's not Varg's intention, then you simply have to wonder why he bothered releasing this. To let us know how he feels locked away in prison? I'm sure if I was locked in prison he wouldn't give a shit. This is just an attempt to make epic classical music that fails. It's warn out, needs to be put down and out of it's misery. Not to mention ours.