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Arcade Music - 55%

McTague97, January 2nd, 2015

If I were to be 100% honest I don't carry any ill will towards this album. I know it's very disliked amongst the metal community, but I don't simply because it struck sort of a nostalgia. It sounds like it could be the soundtrack for an old school sword and magic arcade game, which is strangely something I'm extremely familiar with.

As far as the sound goes its far clearer and cleaner then the music for most any retro arcade game and miles away from what Varg did with his previous black metal albums. Its very slick and very clean. (Probably because it was generated on a computer and not recorded)

Musically it is very simplistic and very repetitive. Clearly meant to be minimalist. Basically every song is 4 layers. Each layer meant to sound like a stereotypically medieval fantasyesque instrument that plays around 3 different bars (phrases, measures choose your pick of term). Usually done in a specific pattern of bar 1, bar 2, bar 1, bar 3 repeat. The pattern found at the beginning of a song is what is found for its entirety. (Technically a riff is a repeated measure or measures of music so on its simplest definition these would qualify).

Yes, a lot of is extremely boring however there are parts that are just beautiful. Granted these are not only repeated over and over again but these melodies, well they sound like someone grabbed a scale and threw a few of its notes together to make it. Childish in a way.

All of this being said though I found a great use for those who happen to own this album, if you like playing RPGs out of books then you might find this to be an amazing thing to put on the big speakers or surround sound (not too loud mind you) while you play D and D, Mayhem or something of the sort.