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Fizzles - 35%

Grumpy Cat, June 7th, 2017

In the list of the many releases I find myself wanting to review and then actually reviewing Daudi Baldrs holds a bit of a special spot, because unlike many others this review was written purely on a Warhammer Fantasy based desire to cover something that sounds like fantasy. Enter Daudi Baldrs, an odd album to come to my mind given that I have more or less a non existent knowledge of dungeon synth and an equally existent care for Burzum in general.

Putting my personal thoughts aside though, this probably could be put up with Megadeth's Risk, Celtic Frost's Prototype and Cold Lake or even St. Anger and Lulu from Metallica for biggest "what were you guys even thinking" albums in metal. Though the popular consensus would also state that unlike the aforementioned albums Daudi Baldrs retains artistic integrity due to the circumstances and vision that played into its creation. I honestly am not going to pretend like I know what Varg was thinking when he created this and after 4 or 5 episodes of the Thulean Perspective on YouTube it hits me pretty heavily trying to understand Varg would be a pretty futile task for me since we have two very different ways of thinking and see the world in two very different ways. So if there were to be something I fundamentally have to get to enjoy this album then I'd be a quick hop away from never enjoying this album.

All that being said, this is not the terrible and awful release its often made out to be, or at least not fully, the potential is here and most of these same ideas can and would be put together again to craft the follow up which I did enjoy. While most complaints on this album boil down to "it's too basic" or "it's not black metal" my issue is the repetition. I'm not all that concerned that this album could easily be the soundtrack for an 8 bit fantasy game or that the melodies are basic, to the contrary, I quite love that. Doing that same synth melody for 8 minutes straight though like on the very opening track, or all of them, that's where I find myself putting my foot down. At about the 2 minute mark it goes from being moderately enjoyable and quickly devolves into just waiting for the track to end, trying to find something to keep myself occupied rather than just skipping the track altogether because I need to be damn sure the track doesn't pick up halfway through before I write my review. There are two tracks here that can be comfortably sat through for their entirety, go ahead, guess which two, hint, they're the shortest two. And while I do like the melody for Illa Tidandi particularly, it's both pretty and creates a nice sad and tragic atmosphere, but it still suffers from the issue that it's not exactly worth showcasing for an entire 10 minutes. Nothing here needs to be or should be dragged out for as long as it is.