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Dauði Baldrs - 45%

EvilAllen, September 20th, 2017

Hate to have this sound harsh but here goes. What the hell was Varg thinking when he created this buffoon music? I understand he was in prison during this time in his life, but still. No noteworthy effort was put into the release. This isn't black metal at all. I wouldn't even contemplate this being any form of ambience either. Judging by the album artwork, one could assume the music within would be admirable, but it's not, not at all. In fact, quite straightforwardly, it's the absolute reverse. The simplicity is almost illusory. In no way, would I even attempt to abuse the mentally-disabled with the unvarying simplicity of this terrifying record.

This record is created using some form of computerized synths. However, the prison allowing Varg to have access to this sort of creativity is beyond me. It's discouraging knowing this record even exists. I guess if you're already dead and want this played at your funeral, it would probably be suitable. At least you wouldn't hear it since you'd be dead. But why depress the visitors paying their respects to you even more by forcing this catastrophe upon them? You know it's wrong! If I have to say anything positive about this release, it would be the production of the audio. It's undoubtedly cleaner and more crisp than what Burzum tends to release. The sound of the instruments themselves aren't all that bad, but that persistent trumpet loop on the first track, which is self-titled with the same name as the album "Dauði Baldrs", is completely and utterly annoying. It must repeat itself about four times in those nine minutes at least. In fact, all the tracks on here are dragged on like this. It's just awful. If Varg would have taken this a lot more seriously, Dauði Baldrs could have been one of his better establishments. You would expect hearing this unspeakable foundation on an Nintendo 64 video game cartridge. Hell, even classic video game music sounds better than this pandemonium.

I've listened to this record three times. And each time, I could feel a little part of myself dying because of it. Even in a form of ambience (which I wouldn't literally suggest it as being so), it fails beyond belief, on every possible level. The primary reason this shameless album is unforgettable is because of the unadulterated recurrence it displays. I mean, who the hell thinks, in their right mind, that this is a magnum opus? The damn tracks are too fucking long for the amount of repeated loops featured in each individual song. Varg would create a tiny section of (dreadful) music and copy and paste it, one-by-one, each time. A surgeon probably should have had X-rays done on Varg's head before he released this abhorrent piece of shit. Maybe he was mentally ill or something? Because no one with a good head on their shoulders would have made this disaster. Why did he have to prolong the tracks for as long as he did? It wouldn't have been so bad if each track would have shown a deep sense of depth. Not like, four instruments being featured on each track, constantly repeating themselves within seconds apart. This would be expected out of something in The Legend of Zelda, if the Zelda series sucked entirely.

My favourite part of the album surely isn't the fucking music, if that's what you would want to attempt at calling this agony. No, my favourite part of the album would be the artwork. At least Varg had that going for Burzum. That was well-detailed, why couldn't the music have been, too? The state of mind displayed in the album in general would be on the lazy side. I would never spend my own money on purchasing this godawful fragment of goat snot. Firstly, if anyone suggested this nightmare to someone else, the person suggesting it needs help. This creation is utterly absurd. There's no maturation, development or interest put into this whatsoever. Not to mention, no imagination. The atmosphere is completely dull, like pencil squeaking on lined-paper in school because you're too lazy to get up and sharpen it beside the teacher's desk. Varg's lacking abilities and music compositions are completely unacceptable and unnecessary here. Would have been better off not making music until being released from prison, then continue onward.

It matters not how you put this, the entire forty-minute record doesn't provide much adventure and is completely and shamelessly boring. It never progressed, it just remained the same during the whole time. What a thoroughgoing waste of my, other listeners and Varg's time especially. If you're going to listen to anything created by Burzum, for your own sanity, listen to something else, not this goddamn mistake.