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The actual songs are good. - 75%

webermg, March 3rd, 2007

This is Burzum's debut, and definitely the least unorthodox of all the releases. He actually plays what might be called standard black metal on this one (though he would do that some on DSEV too).

The production is actually pretty great. Raw as hell, much more so than any of Burzum's other releases. The drums can have this annoying ticking sound to them at times though. You have to love Varg's screams though; totally primal, and never more so than here.

So as the title says, when Varg writes actual songs, and isn't farting around with some ambient bullshit, it's pretty good. The first three tracks are real songs, and while I can't remember any of the details of them at the moment, they're all good. And then we have some ambient crap, Channeling the Power of Souls yeah yeah. When you listen to Daudi Baldrs, god help you, never say Varg didn't warn you. After this one is a really bad song, War. It's short, but it sucks. It's like Varg wanted to rock out or something, but he fails. Next is some more ambience, in the form of the minute-long The Crying Orc. Pointless, and forgettable, as I had to be reminded of its existence just before writing this.

After that, Varg kicks it up a notch with My Journey to the Stars. He apparently thought that the intro to this song kicked so much ass he would repeat it like five times during the course of it. Luckily, he's right, it does kick ass, and so does the rest of the song. So, following this great success, what does he give us? Right, more ambient poo. Except this time, sucks even harder. I suppose Dungeons of Darkness is supposed to give you the impression of being in a dark dungeon. It gives me the impression of being near a chain link fence during a hurricane. Really, just terrible.

As a final note, I'm a big fan of listening to albums, rather than just selected tracks. With that in mind, burn one of these that doesn't have the Aske EP tacked onto the end. The addition makes it overlong.