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Burzum - 69%

Lars_Stian, February 10th, 2017

Though I'm a fan of Burzum, I really don't get this album. It's seen as a classic in the black metal community, but no matter how many times I listen to it, I just can't like it. I've heard so much talk about this sounding so ''evil'' and ''dark'', but I frankly can't see it.

The main problem with this album is the riffs. They're just flat out boring, and every song feels so rushed, weak, and stretched out. Some of the riffs sounds like something I'd write when I was 13 and just barely learned how to play the guitar. There's nothing that stands out. Mostly there's just really bland and overused progressions repeated too many times. This album just feels so pointless, there's absolutely nothing outstanding or even mildly interesting on this album. It almost reminds me of elevator music, it's just so dull.

The production is quite bad, however what can you expect from Burzum anyway. The guitar tone actually has it's charm, the chainsaw-like distortion is quite effective, though it can sound a bit piercing at times, especially when high notes are tremolo picked, but that isn't to much of a problem, as it mostly consists of chords played quite low on the fretboard. I've been told that this album is an ''anti-death metal album'', and though I can understand that, that single fact doesn't carry the whole album. The fact that this album was unique and different once upon a time doesn't mean that it's good. And though I certainly respect the album for the role it played, that isn't enough for me to actually like it.

The lyrics aren't too good. It's just some pseudo-intellectual nonsense, however it's tolerable as you can't hear what Varg's saying anyway. And as for the vocals, I do find them quite good, however, this doesn't carry the whole album either. Overall, I understand the historical importance of ''Burzum'', however it's just not very interesting.