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"A Very Good Beginning" - 90%

HanSathanas, August 1st, 2007

As one of the most notorious bands in the Norwegian black metal, Burzum emerged from the darkest thoughts of abysmal misanthropist known as Varg Vikernes. Due to his extremely delivered taste of raw black metal, this self titled debut is perhaps the most essential record that one must have in their possession. The album kicks in with “Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown” which in my estimation is a combination of raw and aggressive old school black metal. At first when I was listening to it, this album rather annoying and very in comprehensive in terms of song writings. Unknown to me that Vikernes quickly became one of the most genre bending godfathers in the early Norwegian black metal scene.

When it comes to touch the aspect of Burzum’s music, I could only say that it is straightforward in – your – face heaviness. Varg’s ultra ear piercing screams and savagely distorted guitar pummeled with insane drumming pattern have totally blown me to bits! Not to mention the undefined volume of his double bass drumming that really sticks out behind the music. To me, it sounds more original and unique without sacrificing the speed since it preserves the most authentic sound which could rarely be enjoyed by many of unappreciative listeners. I really enjoyed reading through the lyrics, as can be found in the opening track followed by “A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit” and “My Journey to the Stars”. Frankly speaking, I’m not worried about Varg ideologies or beliefs. Let them be Odalist, paganism or whatever it is as long as I could sense his ingenuity through the music he produced. Most importantly, Varg highly imaginative thoughts have been such a good deed for him to write the lyrics. My favorite track as well as its lyric is “A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit” whereby the music is unrelentingly fantastic and its lyric keeps flowing with enrichment of mystique. While “Channeling the Power of Souls into a New God” and “The Crying Orc” are far much longing and I wish the latter would span more lengthily therefore I could indulge with Varg softly tuned synthesizer whenever I feel like cannot sleep. Before I forget, Euronymous also did some good job with his solo in the track “War”. It is clean and surely to pierce your ears even for a brief moment.

As far as I’m concern, this album shall forever remains as one of my greatest black metal record. I highly recommended this album to add to your collection in which I think it won’t complete without any presence of Burzum’s releases.