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Burzum - 65%

EvilAllen, September 19th, 2017
Written based on this version: 1992, CD, Deathlike Silence Productions (Limited edition)

Burzum are (in this case, "is" because of the group being a one-man project) a Norwegian black metal and ambient band. Probably one of the most well-known black metal bands of the second-wave, not to mention one of the absolute distinguished eternally. Burzum have a primeval audio fabrication on this record. The methodology of formation is very original. Such a phlegmatic form of music. Nothing drastic about the instrumental construction whatsoever, by any means.

If anyone is exploring old school, classic black metal, you need not seek any further. You may receive some form of displeasure concentrating on this record, it trademarks a somewhat different sound than many traditional black metal bands, especially vocally. I would go as far as suggesting that the vocals used sound a lot like modern, depressive black metal vocalists. Clean vocals are also featured in small quantities. The release measures a considerable amount of orchestral-themed ambience.

Burzum's guitar-playing is very idiosyncratic within it's own right. It's far from tortuous, it's more melodic. Such comforting solos as well. Amalgamated with immaculately exquisite drumming and delicate bass-playing. The atmosphere of the album is pitch-dark, mysterious and atypical. Almost something out of a black and white horror motion picture. One instrument doesn't outweigh the other on this decently-rounded album, which makes for a pretty unbiased release. All options were on the table when this was recorded. The more instruments that were added, the more depth it generated. By adding a substantial volume of ambience, it played the part completely well. The vocals on the other hand, lacked an honest quantity of prospective and could have been done better.

Instrumentally, this release did excellent. The imagination being put into the instrumental formation was clever and blended well. The high-pitched vocals were unsatisfying and whiny. It's almost unfathomably wretched. I wouldn't strongly suggest this record to anyone and it wouldn't be my first pick as a suggestion at all. If one can survive and even adapt to listening to the dreadful vocals being applied throughout the album, then it makes for a pretty proper record. If you adore primeval audio fabrication, then take the time and judge it for yourself. This is unquestionably a class B particle of sweat.