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Burzum's Belus - 80%

MystifyXD, May 18th, 2010

After more than a decade, we now have a real Burzum album for our ears. I could also say that it is "burzumic". As usual, the production is quite poor, but compared to his other recordings, I could say that this has the best production. I could say that Varg did an excellent job on the vocals. It's tighter than ever, and also a little bit deeper, which made me like it. Two thumbs up for that. He also used his clean vocals for the very first time. The vocals have a lot of emotion in it. I think it is because of the lyrics being in Norwegian, his native tongue. The only problem I saw on the production are the drums which is quite soft to be heard and is overshadowed by the guitars.

The songs are still the same: minimalistic and hypnotizing. Parts getting repeated over and over again really puts you in the music. The length of the slow songs made me feel three things: amazement for being majestic, calmness for the sense of tranquility, and at the same time, some boredom for the extensive length. I still believe though, that the album can't be complete without those songs. Those songs gave me the feeling of death and glory. What I really liked here are the fast-paced tracks (tracks 3-6), which showcases the brutality of true Norwegian black metal. Those three tracks made me bang my head like hell. The fourth track, "Kaimadalthas' Nedstigning", has something catchy in it, which I like and at the same time, get annoyed at. For short, it amazes me that even after more than a decade of prison, he is still capable of real black metal.

Overall, this is true Norwegian black metal. Although certain not to be an instant classic, it will be over time. Varg just proved in this album that true Norwegian black metal is still alive and well. Take a listen if you want true Norwegian black metal and be amazed!

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