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Drags on at parts, but is still damned good! - 80%

LordOrvik, September 24th, 2010

Well, here comes the review for the release I've been waiting for since, well, a while now. I refused to download the album, so I waited until I had the opportunity to buy it.

The production quality, as always, isn't quite polished, but its not terrible though. It's perfectly balanced, and it makes each instrument sort of blend together AND stand out in their own unique way. The riffs are great, and the drums are pretty good too. They definitely add to the atmosphere, and thats what Burzum is usually about anyhow. The only problem was that on the older tracks (some of these songs are from 1993!) the bass was inaudible. Now, is bass is inaudible, thats a problem for me, because I love bass as equally, if not more so, than guitar. It truly is the more beautiful instrument. But, I digress. The album is everything I expected. It's long, it's atmospheric, it's wondrous. Only one problem...

It's TOO damned long, and too monotonous in some parts. Belus' Doed is a fairly interesting track, given the creepy funeral like riffs in the background and the drums. Add Varg's wolf-like howls on top, and its a perfect track. The album starts to drag on in Glemselens Elv is 11 and a half minutes long, of almost the same riff over and over again. The song is nice the first time around, by itself, but, with the whole album? No. The stand out song on this album, though, is Sverddans. It's a thrashy song with a double bass in the background and a fast paced tempo. It's quite nice, actually, I think. Kind of a break from the melancholic, droning riffs. The next few songs are the same melancholy though, but they are each unique and interesting in their own way. However, the most epic track on this whole album is Belus' Tilbakekomst (Belus' Resurrection). It's inspiring, and listening to it, you can imagine a great golden god rising from the ashes of death while listening to it. And the album ends.

Overall, the album did drag on, but, for 20 years of absence (well, other than Daudi Baldrs and Hliðskjálf) it's pretty damned good!