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Worthless - 7%

Human666, March 18th, 2007

Burzum's formula has been always the same in his Black Metal albums: three or four repetitive riffs in the same tempo for the whole song, average drumming and typical Black Metal shrieks. I heard too much that Burzum creates a unique atmosphere in his music, but all I hear is some monotonous power-chords and nothing more in his music.

The production is alright. You can hear each instrument pretty well [except the bass] and there isn't a mess or something that interrupt the music...but there isn't enough music, that's a serious problem!

The first song has exactly 3 riffs in the whole 6 minutes. It fades in slowly with the guitar which plays a single power chord and then the drums and guitar get balanced into a monotonous repetitive tempo which doesn't change for the whole song. The riffs are nothing special, just some improvised power chords which drags on and on and then some shrieks which sounds alright but...what's the point with that song? Nothing really happens here! It's just the same chords all the time and this is such irritating one. It seems like Varg took his poor guitar, throwed some power chords here and there and then wrote some hollow lyrics which sounds unclear [you can't understand anything without the lyrics] and called it a song! Really, it just sounds like an intro for a song which stucks in the same place instead of develops into a real song. "Dominus Sathanas" is a journey to the dulness in Varg's mind. There are no drums, the rhythm is boring as hell, the riffs doesn't make any sense and it drags on for 3 minutes...yeah, whatever.
"A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit" is the climax of the emptiness here. Dull riffs, dull vocals, dull drums, everything here is just dull, and the fact that this song clocks out at almost 11 minutes it's nothing more than a total goofiness.

I think I gave this album a fair chance, I gave it more than 10 listenings and it's still doesn't attract me or interest or makes me feel something else than tiresomeness.
Just stay away from this, ignore the name Burzum because it won't make this EP sounds better than what he really is... a worthless and improvised one.