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Excellent compilation from excellent band - 85%

Miihkali123, June 11th, 2009

This album is my first real touch with Burzum, though I of course know the band, it's controversial history and as Mayhem fan I of course first was one of those 'Varg killed Euronymous so I don't listen that band!!!!!1" However, Burzum is far too interesting - and as I have noted, far too good - band to just be ignored.

First of all, music of Burzum is excellent. It's raw produced, Varg Vikernes' vocals are extremely raw shrieks, riffs and guitar & bass lines are great and composed with talent and patience, and especially Vikernes' double bass drumming is extremely effective (though he is better known as guitar and bassist, what is a shame...). Interesting is also the diversity of the music of Burzum. There are Venom and Bathory style "black 'n' roll" tracks, then there are extremely cold and raw produced minimalistic tracks which remind me from Darkthrone and Carpathian Forest, and even they are bit like some tracks on Mayhem's "De Mysteriis Dom. Sathanas", mostly they remind me from track "Life Eternal". Also there are few interesting ambient experiments, first black metal ambient track called "Gebrechichkeit" from "Filosofem" and then two real ambient tracks. First of them, "Balferd Baldrs", suffers from terrible MIDI sounds, but the last one and album closer, "Ansuzgardaraiwo" is just great.

Not only Burzum music is musically great, but also this is very good compilation. The double LP I've got is great looking, with atmospheric covers and the tracks are well selected, showing the diversity of Burzum music. Also there is an interesting introduction to history of the band, as well as some stuff about their musical style and style changes. Very favorable compilation, which I gladly recommend to people who, like me, are interested in Burzum, but feel unfamiliar with the knowledge about the music of the band.