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Get your hands on this! - 88%

SoulSeekJay, July 5th, 2004

Here it is finally, after their EP "In Coveting Days", Burst hook up with Relapse for their latest album. In comparison to their EP Burst took a huge step forward, and this probably because they now have a permanent line-up and that they've finally became a real band after years of struggling.

The first song "Undoing (Prey On Life)" is quite interesting with a short Introduction and a really thick sound with overrunning rhythms that are still very cool. The second song features more of the sound that I expect from Burst, blasting hardcore with punkrock and metal influences, they just rock straight ahead and Burst don't hesitate to throw in some nice metal riffs to their rocking and aggressive hardcore sound!

"Sculpt The Lives" changes perfectly between fast melodic riffing that mixes the harmonies of melodic death metal and the brutality of hardcore. Well done! Especially the pissed of vocals, they are just a punch in your face and prove their passion and heart.

But Burst aren't done yet, they are even able to present atmospheric tunes that don't seem to be artificial. They just fit to the particular mood created. Like on "The Foe Sublime" where atmosphere, blasting bass, drum rhythms and playful guitars merge to bring to us another outstanding track that shows the many sides of Burst! Something I also have to mention is that, It's hard to describe their unique sound and style that joins metal, hardcore & rock to a passionate unit of complexity, atmosphere and pure emotion.

Something here for everyone to enjoy, if you can handle "tough-guy" vocals.