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Burning Skies - Murder By Means of Existence - 85%

Kempson, April 17th, 2006

I can't remember how I heard about this band, but when I heard they were metalcore I was instantly put off (no offense to the genre, just generally not my thing), so I listened to a song or two and thought 'wow this is actually pretty good.' And decided to buy their full length, titled 'Murder By Means of Existence.'

And what can I say? Apart from WOW! This is good, this is very good indeed. It starts with a 48 second intro with pounding drums, then kicks straight into the fast riff of the title track, with a scream I think is reminiscent of the scream at the start of Slayer's Angel of Death, only shorter. This track changes pace a lot, the screams range from (sort of) high pitched screams to low growls/roars. Impressive.

Track 3 'Individual Hate Complex' is pretty good too, but I can't be bothered to go into detail so I'll skip straight to my two personal favourite songs off the album.

Track 4 'Narcoleptic Suicide Attempt' starts off with some really low pitched roaring, then kicks in to a very metalcore riff with screaming - awesome and catchy as hell I can't help but scream along at this part. And the rest of the song is equally as awesome.

Then what I think is the best track of the album - 'Forever Endeavor' wow, this song is good, a quiet intro, then the guitars and drums properly kick in after about 50 seconds, if this double bass isn't triggered (which I think it is) then wow - that's some of the tightest double bass I've heard.

Next few songs 'Emo Assassination' is pretty brutal. Then ' Thrash Gordon' a short song, but I think there are a few thrash influences shining through in this song. Then Erase This Decay (And Dissapear).

Track 9 is an instrumental - the last thing I was expecting to find on a metalcore album - but it's pretty good. The last three tracks are good but I don't think they keep up with the rest of the album.

Overall the only faults I can find with this is that the drums sound so triggered (but if they aren't - fair play). And the vocals can come across as a little 'tough-man' which I like but I can see why some people may not. Also the two best tracks on the album are quite early on, so it peaks before it's even half way through. If I was going to produce this I would have ditched the intro and started with Forever Endeavor, going all the way through to ending on Narcoleptic Suicide Attempt as I think this would have kept my interest up all the way through the album.

Ok that's the overall bad points now for the overall good points - well it's brutal, fast paced, catchy riffs, ranged screams, and the drumming is awesome. An amazing album from an amazing band, why aren't these guys bigger?