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A solid debut with some nice flourishes - 75%

DecrepitThrashCrypt, June 8th, 2020

Trinity of Deception is a powerful, reliable opening salvo from this fresh Netherlands/Germany crew. It's built on a solid base of mid-pace chugging that recalls early Asphyx' faster material and definitely also draws on the Left Hand Path sound from Entombed too. This band do well in setting down a solid set of thumping grooves that are about one thing and one thing only, providing some good old OSDM jams with a European flavour.

The throaty delivery of the vocals is excellent, providing a healthy serving of grit and filth, while being perfectly audible and legible. This is good as the lyrics are pretty good, a nice combo of some aggro-political stuff with the standardised gore and anti-religious-hypocrisy stuff that never outstays it's welcome, or gets overly whacky or perverted. The vocal is definitely the most immediately presented element of the recording, with it way higher than the leads and rhythm sections.

The rhythm section goes for groove and headbangability over complexity and technicality which I feel fits really well with the vocal delivery. At times I wish the overall mix gave the guitars, especially the core riffs at the base of each song, a bit more depth and punch. However this isn't a dealbreaker. It's not that the guitars are weak, it's that the production favours the vocal, so it doesn't hurt the feel of the guitars, it just relegates them a bit. It certainly doesn't hurt the fabulous grooves some songs hit like opener Crucifixion of the Vanquished or later highlight Burn with Me. Also despite the 'vocals first' mix, Days of Dread hits some proper knuckle-dragging gorilla groove despite it.

Seriously memorable leads are minimal, which I feel hurts the record the most out of the things that are mild negatives. Although the record has a solid quality throughout, with little deviation from that quality, making it feel consistent and cohesive, the lack of songs that fully stick out does hurt it's replay value a bit. However, as this is a debut, I feel like the memorable moments where extra layering gets added with leads and atmospheric aspects really hint at how this is a great start for a band we're gonna hear even greater things from later. There are three really staggeringly fun tracks on this record that really show the band have an extra mile in them for the future, Crucifixion of the Vanquised, Burn with Me and Trinity of Deception are top-of-game numbers.

You can't fault this debut for how good a debut it is, or how impressive the already established sound and musicianship is. Granted the band are not 'genre virgins' with the line-up culled from several established acts, but there's plenty of 'reconfigurations of seasoned vets' bands that don't hit this hard or work this well out of the gate. I'd maybe like a future release to have a slightly more optimised balance of guitar sound, and I feel like the next record will definitely have more variety in terms of leads and atmospherics. However few bands make this solid a start in this genre, and I don't feel any DM head will in any way regret scooping this short, crunchy blast of well-versed OSDM worship up for their collection.