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Slaves to the Cult - 85%

Nattskog7, August 5th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Raw Skull Recordz

Following their debut album “Trinity of Deception”, Dutch death metallers Burial Remains are back with their second album.

Pounding drums and grisly HM-2 riffs fill the air along with snarling vocals, the lack of introduction only confirming the confidence the band has in their visceral sound. Grinding forth a spew of malevolent Swedish style death metal that is packed with snarling hooks and meaty d-beat punchiness, the return to excellence is clearly not overstated. Melodic soloing is used sparingly, usually with doomy riffs to increase the atmospheric side of things, while never really detracting from the ferocious momentum that builds and grows to impeccable climax before entering realms of total chaos.

The raspy vocals suit the venomously heavy instrumentals perfectly, combining barbaric assaults with remarkably catchy grooves in the Swedish fashion mentioned before. While I am biased in my adoration for the HM-2 tone, Burial Remains have killer riffs to put through the signal chain, not overly relying on tone alone. With a gorgeously 90s reminiscent mix to pack the old school punch, the production is as fittingly gruesome and morbid as the wonderfully brooding music. Odiously rotten and crawling soundscapes are the name of the game on this record, which follows on fantastically from their debut.

Although a suited follow up to the debut, this album takes the texturing of the music more serious with some absolutely astounding atmospherics and doomy sections that give the tormenting assaults room to breathe, grow and warp into something far more menacing. Destructive, impactful and memorable are the qualities I can sum this release up with whatever festers in the depths of a fierce and unrelenting performance coming to light for those who discover this fine addition to The Netherlands’ death metal movement. A crushing and massive step forward for these monstrous tyrants of extremity too.

Burial Remains have not only returned to form, they have certainly upped the ante in terms of brutal, grinding and savage swedeath style material that is just as devastatingly heavy as their debut but with more dynamics, though retaining the true feel of old school death metal gloriously. An absolute must listen for fans of Entombed, Dismember, Grave etc.

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