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This is good! - 82%

overkill666, April 20th, 2008

Burial Ground is quite an interesting band. They fuse horror metal, as well as death metal to make a unique sound. I've heard many Belgian bands in my time, and this one is near the top of my favorites.

The sound of the music as a whole is what makes this release very interesting. The use of different influences gives the music an edge, and it sounds very good. I'll go more in-depth on the instrumental and vocal aspects of this release.

The guitar work on this release varies in sound. There is obvious effort to make the music have strong riffs, and that is a good thing. The guitar riffs are the meat of the music, without them the music is weak. There is obvious death metal influence in these guitar riffs. They have a heavy sound, and are played at a fast pace. There are also the less powerful, horror influenced riffs. These riffs are played at a slower pace, but fit the music properly.

The bass and drum work are fitting for the style of Burial Ground. The bass stands out here and there, but usually follows with the guitar lines. The lines fit the music well, so there is no problem with them. The drum work is fast at times, but also slower and fitting. There is a lot of use of the double bass pedals, as long as some blast-beat work here and there. The drum work is very fitting for the music, and very enjoyable.

The vocal work is plainly awesome. The vocals are composed of death grunts, and black metal style growls. The vocalist is very talented with being consistent with his singing, and that is a good talent to have. I hate hearing music with inconsistent band members. These vocals really have no horror influence.

In the end, Burial Ground is a great band. They have a lot going for them if this is only a demo. I'd suggest checking this band out for yourself. I give this release an 82 percent.