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It is over yet? It is over yet? It is over yet? - 0%

Zodijackyl, January 25th, 2012

Is this a sound check? Is this death metal broken down for your sampling kit? Is this a compilation of all those awful ambient intros and interludes that you wish were cut out of good metal albums? Is it over yet?

Is it really 77 minutes long? Did all but one member quit the band, leaving one guy to play everything, live, hitting one note then switching to another instrument? This is just the intro right? Is this going to be part of a box set where the first CD is an into, then there's six discs of actual music? Will I be out of questions by the time it's over?

Did a cat play the instruments while the band was out drinking? Did the cat play the instruments after the band got back from drinking? Am I going to miss everything that happens on the album if I go to the bathroom without pausing it? Should I optimize my listening experience by getting the double LP version and skipping through it by banging my head against the record player?

Is it over yet? Did these guys start a band based on a common belief that Sunn O))) were too interesting and should make less cluttered music? Am I the first person to review this on MA because nobody else made it through the album? Is this really a Melvins single, played with a broken drive belt and a toothpick instead of a needle?

Is this just the overdubs for actual music? Did they mute the primary bass, drum, guitar, and vocal tracks and just play the extra stuff? Do I have no appreciation for drone doom? Is it over yet? Is it over yet? Is it over yet?

Did they actually write this in advance, or did they just wing it in the studio? Was this even recorded in a studio? Is this just the sound check for the actual album? Which guy sounds like he's taking a dump 38 minutes into the album? Did they bring a microphone into the bathroom for him? Did he hold it, or did they use a boom stand so he could utilize both of his hands for the task at hand?

Could they structure this a bit better? Does it need to be WHUUUUUHHHHH, guitar chord, silence, silence, feedback, silence, repeat? Does the slight variation fifty minutes in mean it's almost over? What do you mean there's another half hour? Is it over yet?

Would I like this in a house?
Would I like this with a mouse?
Would I like this in a box?
Would I like this with a fox?

Would I like the boring tone?
Could I listen to some drone?
Were their amps Orange and Green?
Why'd I waste an hour seventeen?

Is it over yet?