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Beyond Boring - 40%

hailmarduk666, April 16th, 2009

I am slightly new to drone, although I love a lot of monotonous types of music, such as funeral doom, very repetitive and low-fi black metal, so me saying this is boring is not because I don't have an ear for this. I think what really turns me off is that there is nothing at all to catch my attention. A extremely bland and poorly mixed album that drags on for way too long, makes this a tough listen.

My nerves are strained after trying to endure 65 minutes of a single terrible riff, and all-around sub-par performance. There is just no substance to this, no stacked feedback, and it isn't even drone-like. It's just a strum a minute with drums plodding along. There is just too much empty space to make this recording any sort of monolithic enterprise.

The guitarwork is very rudimentary. A single note strummed throughout the entire track, very, very little distortion, and poorly presented. There seems to be no bass, which would actually have saved this album, if there was some good solid foundation for the overlying notes of the riff (if that's what you want to call it). Instead it leaves me yearning for more atmosphere.

The drumming is atrocious. Very basic again, and terribly performed. It sounds as if the band took a series of different sized plastic garbage cans, turned them upside down, added a crash, and a snare, and beat randomly. I can almost see every member performing, watching the other to make sure they give the appropriate pause between thumps, strums, or whelps into the mic, and not to get too rambunctious, and anxious.

The vocals are not any better. A good voice, but what is he trying to say? It is eeeehhhhh and aaaaahhhhhh there is no progression, no change, just the same thing for an hour!

If this song was 15 minutes long, I would give it a 75. But as time wears on, and I wait for something to hit me, I get a knuckleball with no movement, when I'm thinking fastball...Hell even a slider or a slurve would make up for something, but I'm getting meatballs and no heat. I keep waiting for a buildup, a crescendo that climaxes into a demolition of my senses, my endorphines shot and used up from the big finale. Alas, there is no amazing power unleased. The kinetic energy is not there because there is no potential. This song is the epitome of a lack of potential which in turn makes the song suffer from a lack of strength and power.

A disappointment.