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Stunning - 94%

VeryEvilScreenName, April 28th, 2005

Absolutely fascinating.

Yeah, don't really expect Opeth fanboyzzzz (etc) to really take to the extremities of this release or this type of Music too well. It's releases like this that are genius, due to not many people being able to get into the Music itself, but the ones who do REALLY get into it and really love this shit. So, respect alone for that reason. Seeing how a lot of Metal releases (and good ones too) carry the same rules and formula as many others. Then when a band changes that slightly, people gun them down for that? =S OH NO, DON'T CHANGE THE FORMULA, YOU MIGHT END UP DIFFERENT, CAN'T HAVE THAT, NOOOOOOO!!! Fuck off. Never did understand many Metalhead’s "logic", seeing how all the bands people worship probably listened to many others Music styles besides Metal before they started a band. And also, especially as Metal was born out of Blues entwined with Rock Music "changing" a little for the "birth" of Metal. Bleh.

Anyway, this release is all one song, which lasts 1 hour and 5 minutes, so it's epic to say the least. The thing that makes it incredibly interesting, is the fact the Music is very intensely emotionally driven and is VERY minimalist. In the sense there is no Guitar, it is all Bass, Drum and Vocals (besides the strange intro), yet gets so much out of this.

After a minute and a bit of the strange intro (some kind of effect or scratching sound, pardon my ignorance if it's something very obvious that I've not realised), the feedback very slowly feeds in and the first drum beat is hit 1:30 in. Very awkward and VERY slow beat is banged out. This is a moody, moody drum beat, hahaha, on my first listen, it was at this point I realised I liked the record already, even if it was literally a weird beat and a few notes played very slowly. Very faint backing growl is heard 2:30 in, but not easily noticed, so at this point, still no vocals. Then on the 2:50 mark, the vocals come in for the first time. Which are basically totally evil angst driven growls. At this point, the tempo is the strangest, it's not like most Doom releases, the drumming is far too weird and sparse, yet the riffs are slower than hell and the vocals are more desperately screeched than the average Doom band. I mean, they are growls, but it's a mixture of shrieking anguish being growled, rather than low end, deep vocals. Totally emotionally driven, fan-fucking-tastic.

Most people would be bored of this release after 5 minutes, not me. The drums almost disappear at some stages, leaving the odd echoed snare after the odd shriek. Fucking brilliant, FUCKING brilliant. It's like they've taken the notes to a great 4 minute song and stretched the notes out to last an hour, but not repeated the notes all the time like other bands do for every song they make (IE, intro, build up, chorus, repeat). People who think this is the same notes throughout should listen again and realise it's loads of different notes spread out to facilitate an hour long song. Fantastic, unnoticed genius. Great how, the tempo changes only every 10 minutes, hahahaha, 10 minutes for a remote tempo change, hahahaha. Pure intensity for 10 minutes, then the tempo changes somewhat. What patient, brilliant Music. Total tempo shift on the 33rd minute, which gives way for very brilliant and discreet female backing vocals, in the choral style.

Very eerie feel to the song now, 37 or so minutes in and STILL so much to this song. I'd REALLY love to see this performed live, just to see the look on all the dumb bastards faces in the crowd, hahaha, brilliant. 41 minutes and the guitar fades out to allow just the vocals and the drums. This release messes with feedback better than any other band I think I've ever heard. This is the absolute pinnacle of the paradox of Minimalism, of all things, pushing to new levels of extremity. It’s blown me away. As we get just past the 1 Hour mark, the vocals become pretty strange and the drums are taken right out to allow this very creepy vocal become the prominent part of this song. Then slowly a total different drum beat comes in and the vocals get even more creepy. Then 1 Hour 4 Minutes and a half and all music fades out completely to allow a strange fade-out to end the song.

There’s nothing more I want to add. Just that it’s absolutely remarkable. Don't bother checking it out, because you just won't like it.