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Here Comes Bone Incinerator!!! - 94%

BobbyPeru, May 17th, 2011

TO: Bunker 66,

You had me at ‘here comes Bone Incineratooooor’. So I love you.

For real, I heard that line and was completely sold, and if you are tried and true, it will happen to you too.

We are referring to the first track of the EP, Out of the Bunker. It is titled “Walpurgisnacht” and right in mid-song, vocalist and sure film buff Damien Thorne passes the torch to the axeman of the ubiquitous name for one of the most exhilarating and out of frequency solos recorded in Italian history. It’s funny. It is powerful. It is ridiculous. And it is absolutely the most metal song to ever come out of the land of La Cicciolina. OK, we can’t prove that. So let’s just settle for another cliche, ‘it doesn’t get more metal than Bunker 66.’

At this point we are only three minutes into their debut and we have already been treated to some of the thrashiest 80’s style black metal of recent years. Wait until you get to the rolling phase of “Metal Redentor” and to the totally ludicrous “A Can of Zyklon Please”. Despite what the title may hint at, Bunker 66 ain’t no joke.

Here we have punk-infested guitars gone the Venom and early Destruction way. Solos that are at once exercises in taste and a totally random collection of high feeling notes. No double bass drumming. Frosty vocals with the additional banshee screams for heightened effect. It’s all here, all delivered with such reverence for the classics, even Quorthon would peek out of the grave just to say Ciao!

Bunker 66, like many others polluting the underground in 2011, ignore everything that has happened to metal since the very first day of 1990. Their music dates back to a purer time when the genre had not seen much evolution, but it had been briefly recycling itself. Tired of that, the hungry and perverted youth of Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, and Brasil were thinking about pushing the envelope and accidentally propelled metal into what is now known as extreme. Right at this point, enter Bunker 66. A trio out of Messina who have crafted a nearly flawless EP. Now, would someone please reissue this in silver coated and serrated vinyl?

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