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Oldschool veneration - 90%

hardturdbutthurt, May 13th, 2014

Motörhead and very early black metal, that's the formula that went into this record. Bunker 66 blend the relentless speed of Motörhead's classic line-up (Lemmy, Fast Eddie and Philthy Animal) with the vicious, monotonous aggression of Hellhammer and Bathory into a debut album that's nothing short of amazing. Sure, it's crude and kinda stupid, with song titles like "Chubby Love", but that's the great thing about this: "Infernö Interceptörs" is all about having a good time. It reeks of beer, sweat, leather and vinyl records.

This is old school veneration at its best, driven forward by simple yet catchy riffs, underlain with a powerful slapping bass, mostly dashing forward at high speed. The slower songs, like "Storm of the Usurper" and "Still They Lurk (In the Shadows of War)" remind of Hellhammer, including a pretty good imitation of Thomas "Warrior" Fischer's "ugh"s and "argh"s. If you're into raw vintage black thrash, you'll find first-class material throughout the record, with more than half the songs being downright fantastic. "Overnight Sacrifice", "Night of the Scream Queen" and the aforementioned tracks will have you shout along after the first chorus and make your metal heart beat faster. Guaranteed.