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Bang your heads!!! - 95%

Werewolf, December 18th, 2009

Here is another nice looking and sounding tape release on the great Thai Slava Prod, which was released through Agonia Recs. on CD before. Nowadays this band is much better known and still kicks ass, but this early work of theirs explains why they succeeded more in the future. Because it fuckin’ rules! Bullet plays true Heavy Metal in its purest form, sounding reminiscent of AC/DC riffing-wise and Accept, because of the vocalist that sounds like Udo meets Bon Scott! The result is almost half an hour of pure Heavy Metal energy, consisting of 6 catchy anthems like “Bang Your Head”, “Leather Love” and “Heavy Metal Highway”.

This stuff sounds very professional, but nevertheless full of the very same passion that turned the music of such bands as Accept, Saxon and Judas Priest so great. If you’re missing a dose of kick ass riffs, warm exciting solos and charismatic vocals that sound like a real 80’s classic – check this band out NOW and bang your fuckin’ head!