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A Return To Their Old-School Roots - 85%

powermetalcheese, June 7th, 2013

"Bullet is the kind of band you listen to when you've grown tired of ACDC and think it's not heavy enough"... yeah, or you could just listen to it anyway. Bullet is a great band and every album they've made has happily surprised me.

Their first album, "Heading For The Top", you could almost mistake for ACDC, it's got the hard rockin' riffs and the straight forward drum lines, and of course the screaming vocals. It's EXACTLY like ACDC, but they deliver it so amazing that you stop looking at them as a ripoff. The second album, "Bite The Bullet", had a heavier and more metal-ish approach, and the third one, "Highway Pirates", was like a mix of Accept and Judas Priest. It seemed they get heavier each album. Then came this one, and though it's not at all as heavy and badass as their last one, I'm not that disappointed. It's a return to their roots, the old school ACDC sound, but this album sounds more unique than the first one. It really sounds like they've found their own sound, and I love it.

Old Bullet-fans will be satisfied with songs like 'Midnight Oil' and 'Full Pull', two tracks that sound like typical Bullet songs, with a little inspiration from every album. They're also conveniently placed in the beginning of the album, so it's a good introduction. Then there are songs like 'Rolling Home' and 'Warriors' which is like something you've never heard before, or at least not from Bullet. They are really unique, slower than most of their other songs but still hard rockin'. Of course, the album does have some speedy tracks as well, like 'Rush Hour', 'In The Heat' and 'Gutterview', all appropriately named.

I can't really name a bad song on the album. Mostly in Bullet's songs, the only reason you don't like a song is because you may get bored if you think that most songs sound similar. But on this album, most songs are very short, so you don't have time to get bored as the next song starts almost immediately after you've started to hum along to the chorus of the current song. It's a great feature even though it makes the album short, because you can basically listen through the entire album without wanting to play something else. The only thing bad I can think of here is that the songs are much less memorable than most songs on the other Bullet albums. Why that is, I can't really tell. But that doesn't mean the songs are bad.

You will enjoy this album if you're into the old school heavy metal sound, and if you like ACDC, Judas Priest and Accept, then check it out.