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Bullet Can Go Bite Somethin' Else.... - 15%

Daru_Jericho, September 29th, 2008

Bite the Bullet is Bullet’s second album. They are a Swedish band playing hard rock/heavy metal, the kind most popular in the early ‘80s in the vein of bands such as AC/DC, early Judas Priest and Accept.

The frontman of Bullet, Dag Hell Hofer, sounds like a palatable hybrid between Bon Scott and Udo Dirkschneider. Unfortunately, not only has this voice been used in several bands before but it becomes rather tiresome after the novelty wears thin, long before the album reaches its end due to its one-dimensional nature. Additionally, the backing vocals could do with some enthusiasm. The guitar riffs sound identical to an AC/DC effort although the punchy riffing on ‘Roadkill’ redeems the song as a modernized approach which renders it a stand-out track on the album. The instrumental ‘City of Sins’ is reminiscent of Judas Priest’s ‘The Hellion’ and does not serve the band any favours.

The most unique moment of the album arises on ‘Rock N Roll Remedy’ where Hofer invites the listener (or an imaginary audience) to sing along, resulting in backing vocalists providing a sing-along over Hofer’s encouragement. This is a sure staple for the band’s live setlist as it was manufactured for a live audience, preferably of stadium size.

There is nothing remotely revolutionising on this album. In fact, most of it sounds as if it was lifted from any AC/DC album. Should the band want active attention, they will have to sieve their efforts into something more innovative and imaginative. If the listener is one who tires of hearing the same material over and over, this album should be avoided. For those who miss the hard rock dominated period of the ‘80s and want something modern yet nostalgic, Bite the Bullet is the remedy.

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