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A Blackened Thrashterpiece - 93%

thainoodles, August 17th, 2009

Boy, what a sweet find! I stumbled upon this at a local used CD store, and I'm sure glad I did. At first (mainly because of the album cover) I expected generic 80's thrash. I had a few other Metal Mind reissues and they are all decent to extraordinary, so I decided to give this one a shot. A good decision indeed. I find this album difficult to describe, but it is mainly thrash with a very prominent streak of black. But mostly this needs just needs to be heard, not discussed.

You're started off with some eerie keyboards on "Overture/Neurodeliri" but before you know it blackened riffs start ripping your eardrums apart. Accompanied by some tortured vocals teetering again in black metal territory. Some of this stuff brings older Bathory to mind. This album is jut chock full of awesome riffs and sweet solo's. Nothing seems overdone at all. Some people may find the keyboards out of place, but they are used sparingly and I think they fit the music just right, hell, they're kind of epic. I think the length is perfect. No forced sounding filler, and it moves along at a great pace, mostly mid to up tempo with a couple crawling sections. They have a great sense of humor, too! Just read the lyrics for "We are... Italian".

No particular highlights. It's short enough and good enough to be listened to straight through almost every time.

But... If you get the Metal Mind reissue... beware. The bonus track is from an EP they collaborated with some rapper on, and it's god awful. Keep in mind that this is not part of the original track listing. It's a little funny, but mostly just something to be ignored.

All in all, a gem of a thrasher. Highly recommended for fans of any genre of extreme metal.