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Pretty fucking sweet for a demo! - 65%

Dethrone_Tyranny, January 15th, 2004

For those of you who aren't quite familair with Bulldozer, their sound is more or less Venom or Motorhead with some elements of Hellhammer in the music.

The Fallen Angel demo is total Venom-worship, and the production, if there is any, is almost no better than their full length The Day Of Wrath that was released the following year. Even still, this is pretty fucking good for a demo, quite enjoyable to listen to instead of being bombarded by a wall of fuzz (yes you stupid kvlt black metal bands, I am talking to you!).

Fallen Angel - More about this song in my Day Of Wrath review...

Another Beer (Is What I Need) - If you like Venom, you'll really dig this one. Not all of Bulldozer's songs resemble Venom, especially later on their career, but this song just screams out "Venom is god!". Not that it's a band thing, since Bulldozer has their overall own unique sound, but the Venom and Motorhead influences are quite clear. Too bad this song wasn't put on The Day Of Wrath, I have no idea why.