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Whaaat? No reviews yet? - 95%

Muloc7253, December 17th, 2007

What lunacy! This is an absolute classic!

Ok, in basic, when one views the surface of this excellent little relic, this is a hard rock album. But, given the time period aswell as the sound of some of the riffs, this could also be seen as an early metal album (the band had not really become the fully-fledged NWOBHM band they were with 'Power Supply' and such). See for instance the first track, Breadfan (yes, the song Metallica covered) and listen to that main riff. If that isn't metal I don't know what is.

All the songs here are classics. The previously mentioned Breadfan has a powerful main riff, very catchy vocals over the top ("Breadfan open up your mind open up your purse open up your bones never ever gonna looooose it!"), before going into an inspired little melodic part in the middle (which Metallica omitted from their version in favour of an instrumental section), and then returns to the mighty opening riff! Hell yeah, this song rocks, and this whole album is worth buying for that song alone.

The next track is much more rock and roll, with much more groove and an almost funk-like vibe. Not as good as the opener, but a cool, fun little song which then leads into THE BEST BALLAD IN THE WORLD! I shit you not! This is the most emotional, almost depressive song I have ever heard, and has been so for a number of years. It's just over two minutes long, meaning there's no long, boring symphonic intro or pointless meandering slow solo to try to up the emotional factor, it's just one voice and one guitar. Excellent, it needs to be heard.

The rest of the material falls somewhere in between the first and second tracks - catchy, fun hard rock with occasional metalish riffs (okay, not as much as Breadfan, but this album really should be seen as an influence on metal). Other highlights would include the strangely titled 'You're the Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk' (with a very catchy main line) and the epic 'Parents', but really, the whole thing is best listened to fully, this is a superb hard rock album and it's a shame that it doesn't get recognised as so.