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Budgie - 79%

PowerMetalGuardian, June 16th, 2003

Budgie is one of those bands that don't get classified as metal by most metalheads standards. It all depends on the metalhead. Compared to today's standards Budgie would be considered classic rock. But the riffs and bass beats are pretty heavy for 1971. If you don't think it's metal, that's ok, but Budgie definetly influenced many bands towards the metal industry.

This album has a total of eight songs, although the one I have has nine (including Crash Course In Brain Surgery. This album opens up with the song Guts and an awsome bass/guitar riff, that almost sound like doom metal. The one cool thing (or annoying thing) about budgie is the song writting. Some songs are very in your face songs, like Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman, while other songs are slow and almost folk sounding, example: The Author. Even the song Everything in My Heart is slow sounding (plus the song is 50 seconds long) and sounds a lot like Pink Floyd. Another example is the song You and I. It is only a minute and some long, but it is very mellow with an acroustic guitar and soft vocals. But on a song like All Night Petrol has heavy riffs with an awsome guitar solo. Besides the guitars, the drums are overall nice. The beats are very different, and change rapidly during the songs to mix things up.

So we have great riffs, and bass riffs, but what about the singing? Well personally I don't like Budgie's singer. On some of the songs it just sounds like he is a little japanese kid. It almost sounds like Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) mixed with Sean Harris (Diamond Head). It is not bad, just not everyones cup of tea. Another thing that sticks out about this album is the funny title songs and lyric writing. Homicidial Suicidal doesn't really make sense, but it adds for a good laugh. Rape of the Locks is another example of the silly song writting. It's just what it says, raping the locks (or rather hair). The song talks about people wanting to cut his hair cause it is to long.

Budgie is very hard to place in metal. There are fast riffs, great drum beats, not so great singing, but a very decent 70's band. If you don't like Black Sabbath, Rush, Jimi Hendrix, etc. you probably won't appreciate Budgie. Overall not a bad album, just different, very different.