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Hurricane Harvey Can Stuff It! - 85%

CHAIRTHROWER, September 13th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2014, Digital, Bucketheadland

...and that's not only because a ginormous Bucket Man looms over an overcast (Beirut lookin') metropolis. Essentially, Pike 93 - Coaster Coat (gosh, I also dig his snappily snazzy wordsmithing!) is comprised of three mammoth whoppers; 2/3s of this Pike consist of super soulful Texas Delta Blues a la Stevie Ray Vaughn (RIP) in the titular opener and finale, "Coastline", with an uber-fandanglin' "Flying Cat" wedged between whose funky, 70s porn soundtrack over-tow makes one feel like Ron Jeremy's about to - heaven forbid! - saunter in the room. (Eeek!)

With this "idée saugrenue" in mind, said jarring about-face between the first two cuts is part of what makes this Pike so appealing, The auspicious albeit languid flow kicking this off slowly but surely delves into a richly textured and at times, incredibly smooth venture which would undoubtedly make the aforementioned legend (SRV that is!) prouder than a parading peacock - you can bank on it! Consider the first half to "Coaster Coat" proper akin to Texas Flood's tamer fare (a finger-blistering hallucinatory solo not withstanding) whilst the second half reaches the fiercely passionate qualitative state of Stevie Ray at his apogee - think barn crashers such as "Testify" or "Rude Mood" for instance.

Then comes along the (caped) "Flying Cat", which strangely enough, juxtaposes swanky bone-rattlin', goomba-stompin' (a bit like the main riff to Led Zep's "Immigrant Song") guitar chords and various sonic bibelots (ah, good old Merriam-Webster word(s)-du-jour!) over similar. like-minded drumming as the inceptive track. Other than this however, like I said, it's an absolute 720, 1080 even degree turn vibe-wise and stoically delivered as it may be, "Flying Cat" incrementally gets queerer, not only due to the sharp and unforeseen emotional contrast, but a decidedly "alien" (I just couldn't help myself, could I?) sounding Tom Morello style guitar tweaking three minutes in, and thus until "Coastline"'s inception. (Honestly, I just now made the inherent association with Harvey. which, granted, is no longer just the name of a much-loved and well-missed Canadian hamburger chain! - as you can see, Pike 93's weirdness is duly rubbing off on me.)

After all the jimmy-jangling, "Coastline" superbly brings the listener down a notch with an eclectic combination of chill pentatonic revelry and outer-space evoking effects courtesy of Buckethead's stellar command of his electric axe. Truth be told, I picked this Pike out at random (yes, on the ubiquitous "bluetube"); suffice to say, it looks like I picked another winner.