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Brutality > In Mourning > Reviews > Shovel
Brutality - In Mourning

Florida Death Metal... done proper! - 85%

Shovel, September 26th, 2004

Brutality are one of those bands that got lost in the mix. Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, and Death took all of the glory in Tampa, while Brutality just kept pumping out solid releases.

"In Mourning" starts out with a bit of a blastbeat fest, but soon turns into the type of death metal you'd expect out of Florida. The riffs are razor sharp, with enough unexpected changeups to keep the most attentive listener insterested. Parts also utilize the riffing which makes every note seperate from each other, so that it almost sounds like you are climbing a staircase, with each note a different step. Solos are placed throughout as well, and keep a very classic feel to the album. More death metal bands should solo, it adds a lot to a song.

As mentioned before, Jim Coker uses blastbeats here and there, but they don't dominate the album. Instead, he chooses to use a lot of slow, deliberate beats. At times, the drumming sounds very much like that used on Bolt Thrower's "Honour Valour Pride".

Vocalist Scott Reigel has quite the generic voice. Luckily, in a band like Brutality, the vocals are more of an extra instrument, instead of a lyrical engine. His deep, raspy voice adds quite nicely to the overall feel of rust and decay that the band portrays.

One last thing that I noticed about this album is the atmosphere created without a single ounce of keyboard. Despair, terror, and anger can all be felt throughout, with the band using emotional riffs to portray these thoughts.