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Chaos of Future, From the End - 98%

headtrip, February 11th, 2012

So, this is the end: with globalized internet access, we see more and more extreme catastrophes than anyone could've imagined back five years ago. Brutal Truth are here to declare the decaying wastes of our own Western society, with their modern view and caustic grind..

With the previous full-length, there seemed to be an urgency with new guitarist, Erik Burke, who seems to feel the need to control the band (ha) with his fresh, chaotic ideas.. these seemed forced, as the gush of ideas on your debut overpowered all else. Now, possibly and probably after a shit-load of live performances, Erik has found his groove in grind, so as to 'slip n slide' his way along with the pure low-end avalanches of Dan; the unending malevolent clockwork of Hoak; and the tried and true preachings of Kevin.

There is a definative undercurrent of urban grind to be experienced here. The first few listens are utter chaos and discomfort. When and if you finally catch on, you will 'get it' like you got it 15 years ago, if you're old enough. It will bring you back to that day cruising downtown, locating that underground music shop you got word about... you maybe spent too much but whatever. Popping that one album into the car stereo, then burning back across town, that feeling is ghosted with this disc. Along with the care-free freedom and un-informed bliss that comes with not knowing that Our western culture may be at its end. Let chaos reign.