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Siento la fuerza de Satanas! - 100%

Shenmoo, March 8th, 2007

Finally! After years and years of waiting for a re-release of the old Brujeria EPs, the time has finally arrived! But why is this so important you ask? Most people that know of what EPs have to offer know that EPs can come in a variety of styles. Either they're just a promo CD for an album which just contains 1 or 2 songs from the new album and 1 or 2 live songs from old albums, (and therefore a worthless buy unless you're a collector or just happen to only like those songs off said album) or a completely new B-Sides album with covers or unreleased songs (great buy), or simply demo versions of album songs.
I will review all singles in their original order, not the tracklisting. This singles compilation is actually a nice combination of all options. Allow me to explain: Brujeria's first two releases were extremely short, simple, brutal, grindcore classics with even a few black metal influences put into play. These of course are "Machetazos!" and "Demoniaco." Both of these EPs are the same in style, even darker and harder than "Matando Gueros!" The vocals resembled Napalm Death, but at the same time, had their own strange style. Besides Napalm Death, it also seemed to resemble something out of "The Exorcist" (especially because of the strange echo and tone of the vocals). The general production was much more low-key, but still listenable. Yes, these were early releases, but don't expect terrible quality! I'd say the quality is the same as "Matando Gueros," except that because of the dark, ambient, and satanic vocal style, (which of course, along with the lyrics, reminds me of a primitive black metal enviornment) and the somewhat higher guitar tones and rougher song structures, it sounds much more primitive. Just as the vocals and lyrics, the instruments and general song structure have a dark ambient feel. That is why I say that these early releases definitely have a black metal influence. It's the type of music that, even without the lyrics, you'd call "satanic," "brutal," and "evil." It's the perfect background for a snuff movie. The mutilated person on the cover helps that all the same. But going back to the main point: Yes, all the songs on these EPs are demo versions of songs off "Matando Gueros," however they are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I promise you that once you listen to the demo versions, the album versions will feel soft. I can easily say that I prefer the EP versions.
The next on the list is "El Patron," which came between "Matando Gueros" and "Raza Odiada." "Raza Odiada" marked a change for Brujeria, although some songs were in the style of "Matando Gueros," others were in a strange new style that went more into a regular Death Metal direction. The vocals were less gruff and in general, the music was a tad more inviting to the radio. Thankfully however, "El Patron" did not show this new style and followed "Matando Gueros," and because the songs were demo versions of what's to come, it followed "Matando Gueros" much more than the album versions on "Raza Odiada" did. This is great because a lot of people (including older band members) disliked Brujeria's new direction. It's also a nice break from the pounding, dark, horrible (again, I mean this in a good way) songs from the first two EPs.
Last one on the list is "Marijuana." It came between "Raza Odiada" and "Brujerizmo." The only original song on here is a nice little parody song "Marijuana." It's a nice song; a nice intro/filler. It'll make you laugh. It's basically a death metal version of the old dance song "Macarena." Despite the fact that it's somewhat of a filler, it's still a very entertaining and catchy song, and again, a nice break from the constant assault these guys place upon your eardrums. Besides this song, there is a redo of an old classic "Matando Gueros" entitled "Matando Gueros 97." Don't worry, it's not done in the new direction style, it's basically just redone with better quality, while still retaining it's original brutality, if not adding more. There are also of course 3 live songs which are of old classics as well. Very nice indeed.
In a nutshell, this album is like a snuff movie: it's hard to find (do what I did and buy it off Ebay!), there's a dead body on the cover, the music is dark, ambient, and brutal. It's an all-out auditory expression of a snuff movie. Some highlights: Santa Lucia, Seis Seis Seis, Padro Nuestro, Matando Gueros 97, Castigo del Brujo, Cristo de la Roca, El Patron, and Hermanos Mendez.
Note: The only B-Side not found in this collection is "Don Quijote Marijuana," but to be honest, that song is pure shit in the first place. At least "Marijuana" can be called a metal song, "Don Quijote Marijuana" can't be called anything except imbecilic stoner garbage. If you're really curious to what it sounds like, look for it on YouTube, but for the love of God, DO NOT BUY SPANGLISH 101! It's absolute garbage, it has 1 real Brujeria song, while the rest is made up of RAP and REGGAE bands! Avoid it like the plague, but buy this album in a heartbeat if you can find it. It's absolutely perfect to my ears and simply cannot be duplicated.