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...Antoher Great Solo Work - 89%

Knives, June 15th, 2005

After seven long years of silence (except one live album and on best of). Bruce Dickinson brings us a great solo album again. Again he shows us that he really is the one of the greatest metal singers ever and that he can make a great album even without his "mother" band Iron Maiden.
The sound and atmosphere of the whole album is very exciting and won´t keep any fan of Iron Maiden or Bruce Dickinson cold.
The intro track "Mars Within" is just a starting line for the big storm of great music we are going to listen. It continues with a great song "Abduction" (this song also have a Videoclip :D ), which is starting with a heavy guitar riff supported by infernaly great drums. The rest of the songs until the song with number 5 are just very good. But the song with the number 5 – "Navigate the Seas of the Sun“ is the nicest and the most atmospherical song I have heard in last two months (the last one like this was Never, Ever by HammerFall) . Bruce´s voice supported by an acoustic guitar is just awesome. The other song that really drived my attention because of it´s memorable chorus and great guitar riffs, was „Power of the Sun“. The last but title song „Tyranny of Souls“ is one of the best songs by Bruce (honestly I like Dickinson´s title songs like "Chemical Wedding" and "Accident of birth" mostly).Very heavy with great guitar riffs and chorus.
The whole album is very good, but there is one big error of it. It´s lenght. The whole album has something less than 45 minutes. That really is very short for an album these days.
But, as I said before, every fan of Bruce Dickinson will enjoy this album to the maximum.