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Okay but not great - 59%

UltraBoris, December 14th, 2002

It's a decent album, but unfortunately nothing really grabs you by the throat and forces you to listen... that's really the problem with it, that the riff work definitely took a turn down from Accident of Birth. There's nothing here like the title track that instantly reminds of Iron Maiden. The whole thing just sounds unfocused and overlong.

It's a pretty brilliant concept, but unfortunately the execution is really straightforward and really boring. Imagine the title track to The Number of the Beast with its awkward chorus, times a lot... that's how it is. "Satan! Has left the killing floor." Meh. It just sounds out of place... and most of the songs sound this way. Whatever good qualities are built up in the intros and the verses tend to be destroyed by the horrible choruses. "It's our chemical wedding day....." Again, meh.

So what we have here is an album that succeeds on some fronts, and fails miserably on others. The production is also pretty modern, which means heavier than Accident, but the thing is - Bruce isn't known as a balls-out crusher, and his vocal style doesn't go well with a Machine Head guitar tone. Also, the core songwriting is a bit lacking, and the whole album just sounds like a mishmash at times.