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One Word : Flawless - 100%

Demon_of_the_Fall, December 26th, 2003

I usually never believe an album deserves a full 100% unless it is really something far beyond this world. Well basically "Chemical Wedding" is just that. All of the songs are lush, diverse, exciting, and maining very emotional. This album comes straight from the heart of its creators, with the bulk of the tracks being conceived by Roy Z/Bruce D. Adrian Smith also plays a huge role in the guitar duties. Chemical Wedding is a breath of fresh air for the Metal world and i think every metal fan should own this special classic. Not a dull moment with this one. Mixing tons of different lyrical themes, from religion, to ancient history, there is something for every open minded man or woman.

Bruce puts out his best performance since "Seventh Son", and his music is well thought out in its structure and riffage. David Ingraham's Pshycotic skin beating is interesting and complents what the other musicians are doing perfectally. Eddie Casillas also does a fine job in the low end section, providing plenty of depth to each and every moment of this album. Nothing is overdone on here which is something most bands can't say about their record when producing it. It works to Dickinsons advantage indeed and i can't complain about one instance on here which displeased me. Both Roy Z and Adrian Smith do fucking killer jobs on their 6 strings, maintaining perfect melody, while being abit flashy at the same time. It would take me all night to dictate to you how incredible this record really is and how much it means to me. I actually prefer this album to some Maiden albums (I know most of you Maiden pureists will be shaking your fists) but this is far more accessable than No Prayer, Fear of the Dark, Virtual, and The X Factor to name some.

If you enjoy a good Maiden album but want that added swift kick to the balls this is definatly the pick of your life. The Chemical Wedding is a Flawless album that begs not to be ignored. This is True music from "True People". I just wish more albums could be this good.

Best Tracks : Entire Album