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Good Yet Completely Unneceserry - 30%

elfo19, March 16th, 2008

Bruce Dickinson-The Best Of Bruce Dickinson

First of all let me say this. Who the hell wants to buy a Bruce Dickinson best of? Any one who wants to listen to his music is most likely a completist, someone who feels they must have every album by every band, and all the meber's solo albums. So who would buy a best of? The answer is, I don't know.

I have this, but the one disc version. I purchased it strictly because it was cheap and I wanted the couple songs I didn't have. Wow, wish I didn't. This ia a total waste of money. Anyone interested in Bruce should not buy this CD because the song choice is horrible. A lot of these songs aren't best of worthy and there are so many good ones not included, including my favorite Bruce Dickinson song, Arc Of Space.

So, what about the songs I didn't have. They weren't anything special and there were many better songs not included. Plus, there is one song that I hate. The song is called Born In '58 and it verges on pop music. Why Bruce? I have many times heard this song praised for being a spectacular ballad, and going by the other amazing ballads Bruce has done (Man Of Sorrows, Taking The Queen, Gates Of Urizen, Arc Of Space, Tears Of A Dragon, Omega, Navigate The Seas Of The Sun, etc.) you would expect the song to be great. I don't think so, in fact in sucks worse than the cover art to Balls To Picassso.

Really, there is no reason to buy this album. Because the rating is supposed to be on how enjoyable, great, and worth the money this album is, I have to give it a low score, even though there are some awesome songs on the disc.

I am against greatest hits/ best of albums completely, unless of course it is reasonable. A band/ artist with two albums and four good songs? Yeah. Bruce Dickinson? Hell no! He has so many amazing songs it would take, probably four and a half discs to include them all. Basically, if you want Bruce Dickinson, buy his albums, in particular Chemical Wedding and Accident Of Birth, and make your own greatest hits, best of, or whatever the hell you want, because this is pointless.

Just to show you what this disc is missing, let me show you all the good songs not included: Arc Of Space, Omega, King In Crimson, Gates Of Urizen, Taking The Queen, Starchildren, Freak, Jerusalem, Man Of Sorrows, Trumpets Of Jericho, The Alchemist, and The Magician. Oh, yeah…the BEST of Bruce Dickinson all right. These are the BEST songs.

Just to note, I have the one disc version, and have no idea how good the second disc is. If it is really good then this collection may be worth it because you can’t get those songs anywhere else. Yet, I don’t know.