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After two tracks it gets old - 65%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 21st, 2004

I think Mr. Dickenson started this solo project because he was tired of doing metal, and wanted to try his hand at hard rock. Other than Led Zeppelin and Guns and Roses I pretty much am not a fan of hard rock. This album however is the heavier side of hard rock, and being a fan of Bruce's vocals...this album is pretty good for hard rock, except that alot of the songs after the first two sound the same and get kinda boring.

The album starts off strong with Son of a Gun and Tattooed Millionaire. They have decent guitar work, and an ever supporting drum and bass. The real shine of the songs comes from Bruce's vocals. The songs are kinda slow so they allow Bruce to project his voice more, with more volume than he had the chance to do with maiden before he left. Maiden had a faster style of playing in the 80's and early 90's than of this album often forcing Bruce to sing kinda fast and not allowing the full range of his voice to be shown. Well on this album (the first two tracks in particular) Bruce wales his head off, sings longer, louder, and with tons a volume than seen before this album. I think that was the main driving force behind this album, to show how well Bruce could sing...and this album does just that. After two tracks though..its gets kinda old, and for many metal fans, just not heavy or metal enough. Afterall it is hard rock here, not metal yet.

So this is where the problem is. Two great tracks in a row, the complete duplication for the rest of the album. When you make a copy of something, its not as good as the origonal. Well here the band tries to repeat the formula they used for the first two songs over and over again until albums end. Only standing out once with All the Young dudes, that being a pretty good song, but not enough to save the album. Bruces vocals keep the album listenable to...for awhile. The rest of the instruments, however, don't do much to make me want to play this album again. They aren't played bad, they are played well, just not creativly.

The reason this album is not so great is that I think Bruce just wanted to experiment. He was still with Maiden at the he didn't have anything to lose. As you can see after he left Maiden his records got much better. Here is just something different Bruce wanted to do....and I blame much on why this album is so so on the musical instruments and the writing, not the vocals. Bruce's vocals are done pretty well here. Overall its kinda boring and forgetable. I recomend it only for extreme Bruce Dickinson fans, or hard rock fans.