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Maiden This Ain't, Folks. - 77%

Dead_As_A_Door_Nail, November 3rd, 2003

This is melodic, radio friendly hard rock in the vein of Def Leppard or something, definately NOT Iron Maiden, so before even considering listening to this album, shake out any and all expectations of this album sounding even remotely like Maiden or even Bruce's later solo albums.
Ok, now that you have an idea of what to expect, this album isn't bad. This is a very fun, good time, go out on a saturday night, go to a bar, have a couple of beers, play darts, go to a strip club and have fun type of album, and it loosens you up like a good beer. In the lyric department, we see Bruce putting away his history books and pulling out a Playboy, and just letting it all hang out. The music is a very melodic, very slick, hard rock platter that would definately not sound out of place on 80's mainstream rock radio. Who can resist the shout-along "whoa-ooh-whoa-oh-whoa" in "Dive! Dive! Dive!", which actually has a pretty vicious vocal delivery by Bruce, or outrageously infectious melodies, pre-chorus and chorus of the title track? Ans of course, we got the mandatory ballads in too sugary sounding "Born In '58" and the much better "Gypsy Road". And The Mott The Hoople cover "All The Young Dudes" is very well done and one of the highlights of the album.
Now, this album does not have very many, heavy-hitting, headbanging moments, if any, but you'll find yourself pumping your fist in the air now and then and have a desire to just go out and party. But the main problem is the lack of a hard-hitting backbone. It makes the music a bit blah after a while, and the good time feel will wear out,but the first couple times, it's a very melodic and fun ride. Just make sure you spread the listens out a bit to keep it exciting.