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And If You Thought No Prayer for the Dying was Bad - 51%

DawnoftheShred, January 5th, 2007

You will abhor this, most assuredly. This is about as Iron Maiden as Twisted Sister is, with generic hard rock anthems that even Bruce Dickinson cannot salvage. Supposedly his later work is mind-blowing, but there's no evidence of cranium-exploding songwriting here.

This is as generic as generic gets. Janick Gers delivers nothing more than some uninspired Angus Young worship in both his rhythms and solos. This years before he dulled up the Iron Maiden formula. The lyrics are pretty typical of hard rock at the time and Bruce sings it just as typically. No amazing, climatic moments here. No epic passages or memorable lines or anything else to warrant listening to this more than once. Just an uninspired set of mainstream radio rejects with a great singer half assing it. Despite these criticisms, the album does succeed in one regards; it is quite catchy. Songs like the title track and "Hell on Wheels" have a certain merit to them if you're feeling generous, but catchy doesn't imply great songwriting, just catchy songwriting, which the album certainly is from time to time.

Maiden fans need not apply. Hard rock fans need not apply. Bruce Dickinson fans need not apply. This makes for a mediocre listen no matter who you are.