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Not for everyone, but a very good disc. - 82%

T_Bone, April 22nd, 2003

Let me begin by saying, when I first heard this disc, I was not impressed. In fact, it probably took me about two or three YEARS before I liked it. In that time, maybe 20 listens, thinking, this is OK, but.... However, now I must say, it is my second favorite Bruce solo album, and certainly in my top 50 of all time metal albums. That’s right it is a metal album. Is it as heavy as Accident of Birth or Chemical Wedding? Of course not, but heavy does not equal greatness. Space Race opens the album and it has a great vibe. Catchy chorus and an original sound. Back From the Edge continues in a similar fashion. Inertia is next and here the album takes off. This song also has a catchy chorus and a great feel. Faith is just as heavy as your average Iron Maiden song, and it is just as good as well. Solar Confinement truly rocks. There are other very good songs here; in fact they are all very good.

The album continues, never really achieving complete greatness, but that’s OK. This album is very good, and the songs are all tight fast and succinct. I don’t think this album was capable of the popularity Bruce hoped for. However, it is a strong effort and a bit of a different sound from one of the legendary vocalists of heavy metal.

Is this album for the casual fan? Probably not. I would only recommend it only to hard-core Maiden/Dickinson fans, who appreciate Bruce’s voice and style, without being hung up on the question, is it heavy enough? I say it is.