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Solar distress wears a hole... - 85%

Black_Metal_Bastard, September 29th, 2003

Ok I will say this right off the bat. I really, really enjoy this album. It isn't the most metal record I have ever heard, but it still kicks ass. This is where Bruce experimented with his sound a lot, making it fit somewhere between Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, although really it doesn't even sound remotely like those two bands. I can't really explain what this album sounds like, because frankly, it doesn't sound like anything I have ever heard. This is a truly unique album. Most people don't like it because it is different. When someone sees or hears something different from what they expect, they immediately condemn it, thinking it is utter trash. That's basically what we have here. A different sounding Bruce solo album, which is instantly trashed and flammed for being, to put it lightly, a piece of shit. Well my friends, this album is a forgotten gem. All the songs, yes ALL the songs are top notch.

From Space Race to Strange Death In Paradise, every track presents something different and unique. Could it be that Bruce maybe wanted to get some personal feelings on certain things off his chest? Maybe, because some of the lyrics sound as if he is getting out his personal feelings on love, the universe, politics, and other such things.

The songs are catchy, displaying many different musical avenues. There are some rockers on here as well, such as Solar Confinement, Back From the Edge, and Headswitch. Dreamstate is a slow song, which displays a nice heavy chorus. Inside the Machine seems to be about seeing the inside of people, their real inner self.

All in all, this is a great album. It is different, but that is nothing to fear. Get this if you are a Bruce fan, or just want to try something different from Bruce.