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It's alright. - 68%

DarthVenom, May 2nd, 2004

The title track of this single, Broken, is decent. Lyrically, it manages to hold up a solid "I will stand on my own" vibe, but other than the chorus, musically there isn't very much going on. The pieces are in place, but it almost seems like something of a ballad, which this song would do a lot better without. Unfortunately one of my least favourite songs from Dickinson's solo career.

Whoo-hoo! Now we're going places! The second track, Silver Wings, brings back fond memories of Iron Maiden's wartime flight rockers, Aces High and Tailgunner. Starting with a "gearing-up" intro, it isn't long before the thrashy riff kicks in, with a frenetic solo before some of Bruce's best vocal lines from recent years. This song is just great; It's catchy, frantic, musically solid and with excellent lyrics. This more than makes up for the bland Broken.

Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter (Original Version) rounds out this three-track single. Oh, lemme tell ya....this is MUCH better than the version Maiden recorded for their No Prayer For The Dying album. Sure, the production isn't quite as smoothe-edged. But really, including the multi-tracked vocals in the chorus was just, plain a simple, a better idea. It certainly sounds a lot better than Bruce half-heartedly shouting it alone on NPFTD. However, it was an arena anthem to start with; If you want that, go buy Maiden's Live At Donington, or whatever. The fact of the matter is, a song like this, that's nearly musically devoid (You heard me) doesn't need to be on a studio album. it worth your money? If you already have most of Bruce's solo albums, then yes, buy it for Silver Wings. If you're new to his CDs, you can find all three of these songs on the double-disk Best Of. Still, your choice.