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Buy one of their later albums. - 47%

Noktorn, September 29th, 2008

Relatively capable groovy/blasty death metal that sounds like early Lividity. It's not very interesting; at this stage in their career Broken Hope pulled off neither the grooves nor the blasts in any unusually good way, and this album is really just a retreading of death metal convention from start to end. The songs are rather unusually short, which is a bit different, and the incorporation of clean guitar interludes is somewhat interesting, but it's really a case of putting lipstick on a pig.

As previously stated, this sounds very similar to Lividity plus some early Cannibal Corpse; lots of atonal midpaced sections before going into grooves and blasts. The production is hollow and sort of distant, one of those cases where you feel like you always need to turn it up but are never quite able to hear everything you want. Vocals are a straight growl, which, like the rest of the music, are very one-dimensional in execution and placement. This is not an album with any surprises on it, and it's no wonder that the name Broken Hope is somewhat synonymous with stupid death metal fans who lack taste.

It's not a particularly bad album; it's simply mediocre and came out at the very beginning of death metal's slow slide into irrelevance before reemerging at the end of the millennium. The band's later works like 'Loathing', ironically released in 1997, arguably the absolute nadir for death metal as a genre, are much more worthwhile and genuinely interesting and unique works. This is simply filler and I don't particularly recommend it.

Freakin' awesome. - 95%

kd, December 24th, 2003

This is Broken Hope second gore-soked album. Pretty sick for being a product of the year 1993. The vocals are some of the deepest of this period (Along with Demilich's) and the lyrics are well, sicker than anything by today's DM bands. Now to the review... The album starts off with a sombre-type violin intro. This is awesome, unpolished death metal! The album's not the most technical or innovative musically, but lyrically, I'd say it is. Lyrics dealing with Catholic priests raping young boys, eating cum ouf of women's anuses, raping dumb sluts with STDs before killing them, eating feces, and eating abortion clinic waste material. The album has a sort of apocalyptic feel to it. Even more "grim black metal" if you ask me. The riffs are pretty damn heavy, I'd say similar to Destined For Defilement-era Fleshgrind. Joe Ptacek's esophagus grunts are br666ta-- Killing all gay-sounding Swedish death of the era. The drumming is good because it's not all blast, blast, blast. "Remember My Members" is fucking insane. It tramples over all of Nile's gay, Egyptian-wannabe chants. RMM is a gore metal anthem. Broken Hope's custom breakdown blast, mid-to-fast-to-slow tempos. The beautiful acoustic piece towards the end with a thunderstorm sample is another standout on this album. Get this album or get dead.