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The good songs wouldn't even make an EP... - 25%

the16th6toothson, January 9th, 2008

Usually it’s a bad idea to reference points made by another review but I find it hilarious that for the “better” songs he mentioned, two are instrumental interludes and another is a cover song! I am regurgitating the point because it contains a vital truth about this album; the song writing is pretty lame!

The songs contain a few elements: slow directionless riffs, a few blast parts that sound haphazardly created, some deep moaning warbled growls (that honestly.., are pretty cool!) and rarely do we deviate from this. There are no exciting false climaxes, or for that matter epic builds. No moments that would make you years later state with reckless enthusiasm: "yah! that riff at 2:43 of "The Internal Twin" sends chills down my spine!" It’s just “here’s some slow riffs, here’s some slightly faster riffs…we’re too lazy to make a “song” per se so… this will have to do”

The production is also off; the guitars are drowned by too much over tracking and effects, the result is just TOO bottom heavy to sound remotely decent (the leads sound good though, clear and mixed fairly high). Yet the drums remain thin and very clear-it’s a contrast that just can not work. Coupled with the garbled vocals being produced very well (so bizarre…) you have a train wreck of a production that leaves you asking yourself: “How could the band’s own guitarist make his band sound SO amateur!?”

This album was just plagued with problems when it was first released and to this day remains their most creatively inept. Besides the above points it was also a huge step down charm wise from the first two. The atmosphere was gone, the silliness was gone, all that remained the same was the hilarious lyrics and Joe’s trademark belching “vocals”. It’s no shock that the two best songs are the ones that sound most like the sophomore septic sludge classic “The Bowels of Repugnance” (those two tracks being “GrindBox” & “Pitbull Grin”). Thankfully after this release the band went back to being listenable with the raw, sincere and menacing “Loathing”.

Not really recommended for anyone… just download “GrindBox” & “Pitbull Grin” and maybe check the video of “Into the Necrosphere” on youtube. Besides those few songs-avoid this, even if you like their other albums!