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Now without a good instrumental... - 0%

bitterman, October 2nd, 2013

It can be said Broken Hope were always a crappy band that offered brief glimmers of hope in the form of their instrumentals (Drinking the Ichor was pretty cool). Their boring and monotonous debut was succeeded by a sophomore album which had a couple instrumentals that were better than the NYDM with extra brain damage that was the bulk of their music. They then proceeded to defecate all over whatever little they had to offer by signing to Metal Blade and incorporating mid 90s influences such as trailer park riffs (Pantera) and wigger stomp parts. On this album, Broken Hope return sans the technical pretension of their Loathing and Grotesque Blessings LPs with an album that is more representative of what they always sought to be: the NYDM version of the Wu-Tang Clan.

The first track being just an ambient intro is disappointing enough, considering their acoustic guitar interludes were better than the actual metal content. Womb of Horrors then kicks things off with the disposable Unique Leader riffs that any other death metal band after 1998 would play and goes into a wiggerish "swagger" riff soon after. It's everything that made Repulsive Conception awful but now all those hip-hop derived rhythm based groove riffs are sandwiched between riffs that are even more hopelessly generic. None of the songs match their themes of disease, with the "swaggering", "down with the streets" riffs being more suggestive of fat guys tired of waiting in line for their donuts and Olde English. The song structures are more of what made the existence of deafkore a terrible certainty by 1995: random blasting part, annoying hip-hop on guitars groove/mosh part, random trem stupidity, and then another hip-hop on guitars groove riff to end the song. Random solos that don't have any of the musicality of what was attempted during their "after some guitar lessons" mid 90s era is another step down. It's all organized in a meaningless fashion. Some songs even go from wigger "slamz" parts to a doomy dirge riff for no reason at all. This kind of music is the reason people don't want to listen to death metal after 1995. It's like trendy Roadrunner Records MTV garbage dressed up to appear as "rebellious bad guy" underground music for people with no discerning taste (explains the Century Media deal). Angry pickup truck driver noise.

How many more of these albums need to exist? A lot of dumb bands have come up during the years (Lividity, Stabwound, Mortal Decay) that arguably contribute as much as Broken Hope have during their career (not much). The only difference is Broken Hope were around since death metal's heyday, but they never reached the level of musicality of their peers. So they came up with this wiggerfied groove abomination that is dressed up to appear as death metal to the uncritical listener. If you need "beatdownz" parts in music that won't give you brain damage (or as much), get Pierced from Within and leave this behind. Everything that's bad about death metal after 1993 is on this album. Avoid it.