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technical and groovy - 70%

Yargolek, May 10th, 2011

Broken hope is one of those early death metal bands that some people love and most people hate. I personally love Swamped in Gore and Bowels of Repugnance. The old Broken Hope sound is not captured in this album too much. Of course the vocals are the same intensely evil low gurgle and the band still has their style, but this album is less in the vein of early Broken Hope and much more technical. It's still Broken Hope, however the riffs merge more fluidly as opposed to Swamped in Gore where the blastbeats fly in and out without warning. The guitarist always pulls through with ill solos which can be rare in death metal. They have put much emphasis on the bass, in particular opening riffs that are bass riffs which lead to a welcoming metal carpet, and most of the songs will have that catchy intro but kind of leave you dry in the actual bulk of the song. They still have a unique and very heavy sound and I would play this album over other better albums without any explanation. There's something about those riffs just makes you want to hear them over and over, and even when you've listened to the album way too many times and it shifts to the depths of your collection, you will still find yourself periodically needing to hear those tracks.

All in all, the old spastic Broken Hope still shows through here, alternating chugging death lines with grinding blasts, but there is more structure, more flow, and most importantly more bass! Broken Hope's albums may not be the only death metal albums that matter, but they are certainly classics. This particular album is good as hell and heavy as shit with no decline in skill over the years and are one of the few bands to get better with time!